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Plumbing Tools to keep around the house

In certainĀ emergency plumbingĀ situations you always want to make sure you keep certain tools handy. It isn’t always easy to go and search for a plumber while something is overflowing or leaking, especially in the middle of the night. To help deal with these types of emergencies you should always keep the following tools handy around … Read more

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Earth-friendly plumbing

Earth-Friendly Plumbing

Use plants that are water independent in your gardeInstall a rainwater tank and use it to water your garden and for other exterior washing needs More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious these days and are building homes that are earth-friendly. This initiative extends to plumbing systems as well. Eco-friendly plumbing is often called … Read more

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Plumbing solutions

A DIY Guide to Managing Emergency Leaks

In the event of a ruptured pipe, it is not uncommon for some people to panic. But anyone can perform emergency leak repairs, helping to prevent further damage until a professional can fix the problem. According to the EPA, fixing a known leak can save the average homeowner 11,000 gallons of water a year. If … Read more

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Water efficiency

Is Hard Water Eroding Your Budget?

Rusty, calcified pipes and water heaters cost families money on reduced water-flow efficiency and repairs. The culprit? Hard water. And it affects 85 percent of U.S. homes. Hard water is caused by a buildup of calcium and magnesium, which water picks up from sediment and rock before entering your home. The more of these dissolved … Read more

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Wall Hung Water Boiler

Wall-Hung Boiler Cuts Home Energy Costs

Wall-hung boilers are here to stay in North America. The reason is simple: appliances, like a wall-hung boiler, are often cutting home heating and hot water bills in half, while freeing up valuable living space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. More North Americans are becoming believers in a home heating and domestic hot water production … Read more

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