No More Angie’s List!

Angie’s List has been growing more and more prominent in the review world. It is trusted by consumers to provide honest reviews but what the consumer’s don’t know is the nightmare Angie’s List has become for the small business.

Steinhorst Plumbing has come to realize that Angie’s List is not interested in the honest reviews for business like our but only the money they can drain from us.

The review site has a very convoluted billing system that has been run by different people every few months, this has made it nearly impossible to have an organized and easy way to cancel services.

Angie’s List makes you pay upfront for your second years’ subscription while paying for your current subscription. We are constantly getting calls from the billing department collecting money for the future subscription they already made us pay for. Eventually they began sending us invoices for the same already paid for services.

When we tried to cancel the NEXT years’ subscription that we wouldn’t be using they told us no. They wanted us to pay for it again.

We wanted to get things put to rest with Angie’s list so we can have a clean slate with them, even though we paid everything.  So we tried to go to the collections department, which is a 3rd party company for some reason, and they said that Angie’s List paperwork is so confusing.  They were having a hard time getting information about our account from them.

We want to warn our customers of the terrible ordeal Angie’s List has put our small business through. We work hard for the great reviews we get from our customers but no business should have to go through what Angie’s List has put our plumbing business through.