Steinhorst Client Recommendations

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Steinhorst Plumbing serves all of Northern Virginia, and we are proud of our reputation for friendly and excellent service. Here are some letters from satisfied customers throughout the region:


Annandale, VA

The team that gave us a new bathroom were highly skilled, professional and a joy to work with.  Susan was always available to over-see the work.  Nelson and Guido are fabulous! I could not be more pleased and look forward to working with Steinhorst in the future.

Mrs. Schroeder

Annandale, VA


Dear Susan, I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to all of you for your work on my kitchen and half bath. You helped me choose the counter top, cabinets, tile and fixtures, and I like the way everything goes together. Your crew did excellent work, and I am very pleased with the results. Haider, Darwin, Alvin and Guido did most of the work. They were patient and responsive to my questions and requests. I found them to be professional, hard-working, and skilled at their jobs. I saw much less of Mike and Brian, but their work was also first-rate. The repainting of some of the walls in the house, and the dry0walling and painting in the garage look great, as well.
If I have left out the names of others who worked in the house, it is only because I didn’t get to know them.
My thanks to all of you.
Sincerely, Mrs. Schroeder Annandale, VA

Mr. Hubbard

Annandale, VA


Dear Steinhorst Company, Steinhorst’s very experienced staff replaced a very old water heater, replaced all globe valves with quarter turn valves, replaced some pipes that should have been replaced decades ago, and brought the electrical bonding up-to-date. Steinhorst also replaced four toilets that had not been working well with Avalanche toilets The Company also uses its well qualified staff to do handyman services. We discussed repairing old termite damaged trim, and doors. The Steinhorst staff includes experienced plumbers, an very knowledgeable electrical technician, an experienced heating and air conditioning man, and an experienced carpenter and cabinet installer.

Steinhorst is a great firm for out-of-state owners. The reports are reliable and the very competent staff can do all of the technical services needed to keep a house in good condition. Steinhorst’s accurate reports described the condition of my townhouse clearly. The owner and I developed a long term preventative maintenance plan. In contrast, I have never had useful service from a Property Management firm. The Property Management firms that I have used have been unsatisfactory partly because their poorly trained staffs don’t understand the tasks done by tradesmen and partly because the tradesmen that they have employed have done much work that I didn’t authorize and am now replacing.

I wanted to up-date some of the mechanical systems of my townhouse. For preventative maintenance, I wanted to replace some thirty-five year old plumbing. I also wanted an assessment of the condition of my townhouse. I first hired Steinhorst to replace a water heater. I didn’t know its condition because no property manager had described it. But I was concerned about the water heater failing–leaks can be a terrible problem for a non-resident owner. Steinhorst gave the lowest price of the three plumbers recommended on Angie’s List. Pipes at the top of the water heater were corroded. Steinhorst made two trips for the replacement because the plumbing system was not properly bonded to the electrical ground.

I had Steinhorst look at condition of the whole house. Their technicians reported several items that I knew needed work, such as replacing the globe valves with quarter turn valves and armored supply lines. The owner also recommended that I investigate the extent of termite damage that was successfully treated several years ago. The owner, Craig Smith, is knowledgeable and likes to chat. He makes sure that I understand his proposals and does not start work before getting clearance from me. I intend to keep using him as a property manager. My tenants like him. I like his responsiveness and the high quality of his workmen.

Sincerely yours, Mr. Hubbard Annandale, VA

Mr. & Mrs. C.

Annandale, VA


Dear Mr. Craig Smith (Manager), This letter is to express our appreciation for a job well done.

In March 2009 we began a kitchen remodeling project that would be completed in early May. From our first visit to your well planned showroom on the Little River Turnpike in Annandale, VA, through the deconstruction of the kitchen, design of the renovation and several mutually agreed changes to the design, through the hands on effort to build it all back together, it was all done with the most professionalism, neatness and courtesy possible. We also added in many subsidiary projects when we realized the skills and capabilities of your craftsmen. These projects included changing five sets of sliding closet doors, replacing seven interior doors and a complete back door with frame, new attic stairs and roof fan, new fireplace screen and repairs to water-damaged ceilings and other minor repairs. We even added a tubular sun light in the kitchen ceiling. All was done quickly, reasonably and well.

My wife and I were on premises most of the time and your skilled craftsmen and project supervisors were very considerate of us, worked hard and fast and with a great deal of expertise in all aspects of the construction. The men were with us daily for weeks until a necessary pause for counter top specialist install pre-measured custom made counters. At the end of each day the premises were cleaned, tools and materials placed out of the way and dust screens removed as necessary for us to continue residing in available space.

Your management system that included daily visits and special ordering of materials by project managers, the daily digital photo recording of all work done and to be done, and the end of day review with the personnel involved insured that all work was done quickly but with the greatest care for quality results with a true team effort toward the success of the whole project. It is all reflected in the results that please us greatly. We are especially grateful to the employees of Steinhorst for their contributions.

Bill Ross, Regional Sales Manager, who designed the new kitchen for and with us, and followed up all aspects of its construction to its final day, Kevin Healy, Project Manager, who was on site daily, sometimes several times, for special projects and for follow up. Both of these gentlemen were always available by phone or in person, were always cordial and always responded or took action where necessary. We always had a point of contact beyond the men on site. Nelson Garcia, truly a master craftsman who worked quickly, professionally and with great skill in implementing the project with his able assistant, Darwin. Even on days they were working late to get a phase of the project done they would not leave without cleaning the premises. Nelson took great pride in doing each task properly. Edwin Garcia and the technical assistants with him who came in on several days to accomplish the extra projects we asked for and did the work with skill and promptness. All was accomplished to our satisfaction.

You are to be congratulated on managing such a fine group of people and running a truly professional business.

Sincerely yours, Mr. & Mrs. C. Annandale, VA

Ms. Y.

Annandale, VA


Dear Steinhorst Plumbing,

Just a small note of appreciation regarding the installation of our small bathroom vanity. Your technician was very clever in aligning the vanity top with a wall that was “curved.” He did a great job of modifying things to let the vanity top sit flush against the wall.

I would highly recommend your work.

Ms. Y. Annandale, VA

Julie S.

Annandale, VA


Dear Susan,

Thank you for putting together my beautiful bathroom.

You were great to work with and everything is perfect!

Sincerely, Julie S. Annandale, VA

Mrs. B.

Burke, VA


Dear Steinhorst Company,

We want to thank you for the outstanding plumber you sent to complete the work. Dan was very friendly, responsible, and informative. He explained the issue we were dealing with and how best to remedy the problem. When he completed the work he respectfully cleaned up the area. We appreciated his expertise of the craft. Dan is a fine young man. A few months ago, we had a hot water heater replaced with your company. Again you sent us a wonderful experienced plumber. It really makes a difference to the customer knowing you have professional technicians that we can trust. We will continue to be customers of Steinhorst.

Sincerely, Mrs. B. Burke, VA

Mr./Mrs. Stormer

Falls Church, VA


We’re delighted! Steve explained everything very clearly before performing any repairs/installs. Most courteous and pleasant service – no flim-flam regarding cost. Thank you!

We’ll be repeat customers.

Mrs. B. Burke, VA


Falls Church, VA


Craig and Susan Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and assistance this past year in meeting my plumbing needs and for my new kitchen.
You’ve made the difference in everything working out so well.
I love my kitchen and hope you let Heida and Alvin know how much I appreciate their work.

Ms. P.

Falls Church, VA


We entered the outstanding showroom at Steinhorst after several months of searching for a company that could help my husband and I agree on our visions for the bathroom. Susan and Craig, the owners, could not have been more friendly and helpful in that respect. They worked closely with us in recommending products and design, and we finally came up with something to make us happy, within our budget!
They had a large selection of products to view and spent countless hours going over all the different choices, from cabinetry, to toilets, to counter tops, to light fixtures, to tile, to grout, etc. We had many questions, and they were infinitely patient. They made sure all the items we’d ordered had been received by them before they started our job, and the job was completed in a timely fashion, as agreed.
The 2-person crew, headed by Edwin, was fantastic. They arrived on time, were very professional, and I felt comfortable trusting them in my home. Edwin was delightful and a true jack-of-all trades. He ably did all the demolition, drywall and fixture installation, tile work, electrical work, and plumbing (except for the drain replacements, which were handled by master plumber Joe). Mr. Lee, a supervisor, was also helpful when needed.
I purposely did not submit this report right away, since I previously had substantial problems with remodeling work (done by another company) soon after it was completed, so I wanted to let some time go by to see how this company would handle any glitches. We had two products that proved to be defective in the first month or so (no fault of Steinhorst’s) and called to request that they be replaced. The company was quick to respond and replace the items, and we’ve had no further problems. We are delighted with our new bathroom and appreciate Steinhorst Plumbing for helping us achieve our goal!
Thank You, Ms. P Falls Church, VA

Mr. V

Arlington, VA


Hi Craig, Many thanks for your personal support and follow up on our property in Arlington. It is a pleasure working with you and we appreciate the excellent technical support provided by Joe. We will contact you again as our need for Steinhorst’s services requires.

Sincerely, Mr.V Arlington, VA

Mr. & Mrs. W.

Fairfax, VA


Susan, Many thanks again to you, Craig, Edwin, Edgar, Darwin?, Tony, and Mike for the excellent work on our bathrooms. The quality is top notch; the cooperation of your team was very customer friendly; and your personal interest and hands-on management made it all happen to our benefit. Thank you again.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Fairfax, VA

Mrs. Borowy

Alexandria, VA


Steve was very through, and careful to do a nice and good leaking job. He kept the work area neat and clean. Also, Steve was very good about explaining what he was doing, why, and my best options. He is a person that you can feel comfortable sending out to do a good job and represent your company.
PS. My experience with Steinhorst has been nothing but positive. They are willing to do what it takes to complete the job and make the customer happy.

Mrs. Borowy Alexandria, VA

Maria N.

Alexandria, VA


Dear Joc, Thank you for all your guidance throughout these months with the flooded basement issues.
Having sixty years of dry basement through many a hurricane, fierce rain storms and such, it was unexpected to have the basement flood.
My father who managed the house fixes and repairs had picked you firm to handle all plumbing and heating needs should something happen. I think he would be very pleased as we are.
Please thank all who have assisted you in the process.
Sincerely, Maria N. Alexandria, VA


Vinson Camacho

Alexandria, VA


Steinhorst customer service from the initial phone call, to coordination, to on site installation of my dead water heater was 5+ stars! They were early professional and communicative from the beginning. My plumber was a work horse, moving the water heater out of the house, keeping all my floor finishes protected. He was cordial and did his job with a smile. They’ve gained a customer for LIFE!


Clayton Roberts

Alexandria, VA


I’ve done several projects with this company, from bathroom remodeling to simple inspections. They are consistently professional, friendly, respectful, and efficient. Their staff is passionate about their work, and they are truly craftsmen.!